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Argoat or Brittany and its woodland

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  • ©Pierre-Bouras
  • ©Marc Schaffner - Morbihan Tourisme

The hinterland of Vannes extends itself as far as the moor land of Lanvaux. Countless watercourses run through the landside, some of them are branches of the Gulf of Morbihan. From its panoramic viewpoints one can even discern the “little sea” (Mor-Bihan in Breton).

Numerous hiking trails lead the wanderer right into the heart of these highlands. He follows the trail of megalithic monuments, castles, country houses, fonts and calvaries and discovers thereby all the riches of the Argoat (the part of Brittany dominated by woodland) and its long history. The well conserved patrimony of this part of Brittany provides today’s visitor with an authentic insight into the life of the Breton people in former centuries. Festive evenings with Breton music and dances (festou noz) and other traditional festivities are taking place throughout the whole year and bring back the ancient times of Breton culture. Breton gastronomy or one of the numerous popular saints, there are many reasons to host a festou noz for the population that is still today much attached to its cultural heritage.

Let yourself also be enchanted by the changing colours of this country, where land and sea unite in a kaleidoscope of countless shades of blue and green.

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