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  • Balade en ville "les Fortifications"

    Length of the route : 0.9 km

    L’évolution de l’enceinte médiévale vue depuis ses murs. Porte St Vincent, Porte Calmont, Porte Poterne, Les Lavoirs, Tour du Connétable, Mur Gallo-romain, Porte Prison. Porte ...

    1h30 easy
  • Balade en ville médiévale

    Length of the route : 0.8 km

    Through the inner city, this walk will allow you to imagine the atmosphere of a city at different times. Porte St Vincent Place of the Strings, Vannes and his wife, Château Gaillard, Rue ...

    1h30 easy
  • Balade en ville "le quartier St Patern"

    Length of the route : 0.7 km

    This is the oldest part of the city, located at the location of the city founded by the Romans in the 1st century BC. The discovery of this area is mostly a stroll in the streets with evocative ...

    15min easy
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