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Exposition Quelle histoire ! Le Morbihan en 56 dates

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Monday 31 Oct
Address 80, rue des Vénètes Archives départementales 56000 Vannes
What have in common Caesar, Napoleon and Anne de Bretagne? Without ever meeting, they helped to write the history of Morbihan. For nearly 450 000 years, millions of men and women, mostly anonymous, shaping this territory called Morbihan since 1790 only. These footprints remain visible, both in the landscape and in popular culture. To tell this great story, the Archives has retained 56 emblematic dates. Are thus highlighted geopolitical events, artistic, religious, economic that have marked the history of Morbihan as the battle of the Venetians, evangelization by St. Patern, the creation of the East India Company or even economic renewal and cultural postwar. The visitor will also discover the sometimes forgotten events: the Vannes sacked by the Vikings in 919, the seat of Lorient by the English in 1746, the English occupation of Belle Île between 1761 and 1763, the coincidental arrival Benjamin Franklin Auray in 1776 ... Each of them is illustrated by a document or object from departmental collections or public or private collections. The objects, writings, legends, monuments, architecture ... are all traces that allow the historian to write and understand the past. The Morbihan Departmental Archives preserve a part of this memory by collecting public and private archives. Today their collections represent nearly 30 line kilometers of documents, the oldest dating back to 1108. Created 220 years ago, in October 1796 they celebrate their birthday the most beautiful way by exposing the richness and diversity of their archives.
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