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Sunday 19 Feb
Address Salle Kervel 56250 Saint-Nolff
The Federation Breizh Hanploi the joy to announce for the second consecutive year a meeting Craft and Creative which all everyone is invited, Admission is free to the Kervel room, in the municipality of Saint-Nolff. You can meet many talents with a little more than 70 exhibitors, whether professionals or individuals, associations or artists. Long before the goal of the Federation Hanploi Breizh, which nevertheless represents the driver of the day thread, it is first to facilitate trade, the contacts made in a spirit of friendliness and good humor. You will have the opportunity to participate in a raffle, attend shows and other events as well as options. Will be joining us at different combinations of bikers Like Ubaka, Team Moto Passion and The Heart of 56 bikers. The Federation thanks in advance all the participants and volunteers.
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