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Exposition "Du masque à l'âme" d'Antoine Schneck

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Until Sunday 03 Sep
Phone 02 97 01 62 30
Address Kiosque Culturel Quai Tabarly 56000 Vannes
In 2007, Antoine Schneck went to Burkina-Faso to stay in a small village. He returns with more than 300 portraits. The following year, the adventure continues in China among the Miao, then in 2009 in India with the Nilgiri populations then in Mali, the Sudan, Ethiopia and most recently in Papua New Guinea. Today at the head of a real gallery of portraits of the world, Antoine Schneck adopts each time the same approach. Far from any exoticism, its aim is to approach a face in the most direct way. His models, voluntary and willing, are invited to take a place in a tent of white fabric that diffuses the light uniformly. Close to that of the traveling photographers, the devices of Antoine Schneck is quite different since the model is found alone, isolated from any context, without interaction with the outside or even with the photographer. Floating on a black background, detached from their body, without accessory none, these faces of the end of the world have the raw, expressive force of the mask with in addition the dimension of the living, the human.
Until Sun 03 Sep 2017
10h to 13h14h to 19h
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