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Tuesday 16 Jan
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Address Salle Lesage Théâtre Anne de Bretagne 56000 Vannes
Spectacle Curiosité Mortar, the boss of the bosses, is in an extreme embarrassment: the government plans to introduce a tax on very high incomes. Inconceivable! An investigative journalist investigates the rich companies who evade their taxes through offshore companies. Blockbuster is a theatrical UFO, a parodic film piece made from 1,400 clips taken from 160 Hollywood movies. From this titanic montage, a blockbuster was born with an unprecedented scenario, with the direct dubbing of voices by five actors, homemade sound effects and live music. This play is a fable about the violence of the ruling class towards the people where humor is conceived as an instrument of contestation. The Collectif Mensuel, a group of Belgian artists, is performing throughout Europe with its unique and remarkable shows. Writing: Nicolas Ancion (Freely inspired by the novel by Nicolas Ancion Invisibles et remuants - Editions maelstrÖm reEvolution) - Collectif Mensuel | Conception and Staging: Monthly Collective | Interpretation: Sandrine Bergot, Quentin Halloy, Baptiste Isaia, Philippe Lecrenier, Renaud Riga - Ages 16 and up -
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