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Les musicales d'Arradon: week-end Beethoven

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Sunday 21 Jan
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Claire-Marie Le Guay is a continuation of Beethoven's 32 sonatas, the inestimable legacy that Beethoven has given to posterity. The Beethoven epic which we propose to you is in the wake of Tanguy de Williencourt In eight concerts over four weekends until 2020. The 32 sonatas will be given in the ascending arithmetic order of the first sonata op.2 by Tanguy de Williencourt on Saturday 20th at the Thirty-second sonata op.111 End of 2020. Claire-Marie Le Guay, the great lady of the French piano known for the demanding depth of her musical thought, has explored many pieces of this extraordinary corpus. Today, she presents one of the most famous, the Sonata Pathétique No. 8 op. 13, and Sonatas 5, 6 and 7, which form the group of Opus 10, and of which some give the state of a soul prey to melancholy with the different shades of light and shadow , Confided Beethoven to them.
Sun 21 Jan 2018
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