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Le mouvement de l'air

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Tuesday 30 Jan
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Phone 02 97 01 62 04
Address Salle Lesage Théâtre Anne de Bretagne 56000 Vannes
Dance Conception, artistic direction, scenography and direction: Claire Bardainne & Adrien Mondot Computer design: Adrien Mondot Choreography: Yan Raballand Dance: Rémi Boissy, Farid Ayelem Rahmouni, Maëlle Reymond For Claire Bardainne and Adrien Mondot, the challenge of this show was The following: make the air trajectory visible to the viewer. Or how to make a collective mirage appear! The bet is successful with this spectacle at once wonderful and contemplative that stages three dancers on a choreographic and digital score. On the board, the suspended bodies fly away and dance with images. A choreography of projected images and Circassian performances that embeds the viewer in a universe where the bodies travel to the land of dreams. Respectively a scenographer and expert in digital arts, the two magicians levitate the dancers with projections created live on the set. A true trademark of these artisans of the image, the artistic and digital approach of the company is based essentially on sensitivity: What interests us is how the movement gives rise to emotions.
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