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Tuesday 20 Feb
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Address Salle Lesage Théâtre Anne de Bretagne 56000 Vannes
Theater De Kery James Director and voice-over: Jean-Pierre Baro With Kery James and Yannik Landrein Live is a dialogue between two lawyers defending enemy causes. For the former, the State is guilty of the situation of the suburbs. But the second one attests that the citizens are responsible for their condition. It fuses, it screams. It also laughs, because it is a competition organized at the end of the curriculum of the School of Bar Training. With his energetic speech and inflamed speech, Kery James filled Bercy and the Bouffes du Nord. A humanist poet, words are for him the instruments of a struggle. After more than twenty years as a rapper, he made a slight step aside by writing a political play, with the intimate hope that it will bring together in one room the inhabitants of the two France . Bet made since the creation in January in Lons-Le-Saunier then the Theater of the Rond-Point since the play moved the crowds. Lively restores a possible framework of living together through the exchange of speech.
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