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Féfé + Ledeunff

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Saturday 14 Oct
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Phone 02 97 62 20 40
Address L'Echonova 1 rue Léon Griffon 56890 Saint-Avé
CHANSON / BLUES METISSE With the release at the beginning of the year of his third album entitled Mauve, we find a Féfé arrived at maturity. After his albums Jeune à la retraite (gold record) and The charm of the first days, it is with his new baby that he returns in strength. Following a trip to Nigeria motivated by the desire to discover the land of his ancestors, he realizes that there nostalgia is not there, only the future is important. A look at the opposite of his, but rich in teaching. This disc then realizes the perfect synthesis between the rose of life and the blues of the soul, a bridge between the past and the present moment. By reviving a groove r'n'b, he visits the entirety of a sound palette that he has not ceased to enrich since the time when he worked in the collective Saïan Supa Crew. Always possessed of this enthusiasm, somewhere between euphoria and anger, he tells his story by sharing a music specific to his identity, French language, afro-universal rhythm. The singer guitarist Ledeunff, member of Hocus Pocus, launched in 2013 his solo project. Brimming with generosity, the addicted to the scene presents a sound between blues and world music, introducing some electronic accents, a real happiness!
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