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A mes amours, récit d'Adèle Zouane

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Tuesday 16 Jan
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Address Le Dôme 1 rue des Droits de l'Homme 56890 Saint-Avé
To my loves is an invitation to cross the different faces of love: with the eyes of a child, then those of a teenager and finally a young woman in the making. From the perpetual obsession for the one to the mere look of another, this exhaustive and realistic narrative reveals the intimate slides of a universal love journey. Written and interpreted by the brilliant Adele Zouane, this funny and facetious testimony reminds us all our amorous, puerile or passionate stories, reciprocal or not (alas ...). The vision full of finesse of a young author doubled by a singular actress. A playful and mischievous look on love, to reconcile us with all those who have tormented us! Duration: 1h10 A part of 13 years
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