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Croquez Vannes - La porte poterne

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Thursday 22 Feb
Phone 02 97 01 64 00
Address Porte poterne 56000 Vannes
A little heritage between noon and two, at the lunch break? Thirty minutes on the thumb two Thursdays a month at 12:45 to learn more about the monument crossed every morning, the street crossed every night, the work seen at the museum ... A guide-lecturer, who knows the city on the fingertips, Tells you the history of the city and its museums. A small moment of relaxation, well chosen at lunch break, to crunch, without indigestion, a part of heritage ... Today: The door postern At the end of the seventeenth century, the city is embellished with facilities designed to facilitate the circulation. Between 1678 and 1688, the French architect François Cosnier was in charge of the piercing of the postern door
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