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"La firme" de Richard Pak

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Until Sunday 03 Dec
Phone 02 97 01 62 30
Address Kiosque Culturel Quai Tabarly 56000 Vannes
Tristan da Cunha is a society like philosophers always dreamed of. All contribute to the common good. They go fraternally service. There is neither hatred, envy, nor malice among them. There are no class distinctions, no rich, no poor. It was by the words of explorer Raymond Rallier of the Baty that I discovered the existence of the volcanic island and its community With utopian accents. The most widely inhabited territory in the world, in the Atlantic Ocean and a short distance from the 40th roaring, the 266 British people who inhabit it are all the descendants of shipwrecked and exiled volunteers. They are the heirs of idealistic founding principles such as equality, sharing, refusal of private property and power. The Firm series is constructed as a photographic pastoral. The title refers to the constitution of 1817, drafted between the British crown and the first settlers who call themselves the firm. It proclaims in particular that no one here will rise above anyone.
Until Sun 03 Dec 2017
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