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C'est chic !

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Tuesday 30 Jan
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Address Médiathèque 56250 Sulniac
Exhibition of originals from the book C'est Chic! (Threshold Youth, 2015). Marie Dorléans Marie Dorléans is an author and illustrator. A graduate of the Decorative Arts of Strasbourg, she published in the editions of Baron Perché, Braques, Seuil and Sarbacane. In her albums, she reveals the peculiar gaze that she bears on the world and everyday life, halfway between absurdity and fantasy. This exhibition presents the originals of the album C'est Chic, of which Marie Dorléans is both the author and the illustrator. (Threshold Youth, 2015) A merchant shouts tirelessly to the passers-by indifferent the contents of his display, when he is victim of a bad sunburn. When, still confused, he resumes his litany, funny words come out of his mouth: Who wants coffee shoes, hats bags, a carpet of rain? Intrigued by these unpublished objects, customers flock to buy all these things that they do not possess. Marie Dorléans diverts from their primary use many utensils to give birth to situations and images where absurdity and humor reign supreme.
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