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Exposition "scènes de crime": enquête aux archives

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Until Sunday 16 Sep
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Phone 02 97 46 32 52
Address Archives départementales du Morbihan 80 Rue des Vénètes 56000 Vannes
Parricide, poisoning, infanticide, crime, banditry ... so many crimes that question the violence in morbihannaise society at a specific time and the justice rendered. Through this exhibition, the visitor is immersed in the heart of ten criminal investigations of Morbihan occurred between the 18th and the 20th century. He stands alternately in the place of the investigator, a judge and, perhaps, for a moment, instead of the accused (e) ... A multimedia application specially created for the opportunity helps you collect clues. You choose a case then discover the crime scene. The app provides visual or audio bonuses that deepen an angle of inquiry. You move from the stage to the trial until the verdict before benefiting from a fascinating light on what reveals the crime of the society of the time. At the same time, original documents kept in court files are presented to you: sketches of crime scenes, autopsy reports, depositions of witnesses, interrogations of the accused, reconstitution of facts ... Ready to come to conduct the investigation? Will you manage to escape in less than 30 minutes? In addition to the exhibition, one of the ten cases is treated as an escape game. 1929, somewhere in the Morbihan countryside. The gendarmerie is alerted because it seems that a crime took place in one of the houses of the village of Gué-aux-Biches. The opportunity is too good for a young lieutenant gendarmerie trainee to prove his talents ... to you to play! Good luck !
Until Sun 16 Sep 2018
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