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Friday 16 Dec
Address Kiosque culturel Quai Tabarly 56000 Vannes
This is the work of one of the largest photo- graphs animal in the world that will be presented at stand this winter. Indeed, Vincent Munier, three times winning the contest Wildlife Photographer of the Year by the BBC, for the quality of his work (a distinction that is the only to have won three times), will exhibit its animals the Arctic. Born in 1976 in Epinal in the Vosges, Vincent Mu- deny is directed by his father, himself a photographer, toward making animal view. One area in which he can express the emotions he feels before a fragile nature, made of cold haze and challenges. It is in the landscapes of desert coldness that reveals the extent of his talent as a photographer. This harsh environment allows him to learn more about loneliness and the challenges that man can meet face to nature and to himself. Influenced by the work of the photographer Michio Hoshino and Jim Brandenburg, as well as art and Japanese prints, Vincent Munier believes in the power of images. His photographs where animals and landscapes merge, are a great way to discover the beauty of nature to the greatest number but also to educate consciences to the dangers which threaten it.
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